From getting started at Great Clips after finishing cosmetology school at Atlanta Technical College seven years ago, Laurrin has been moving forward towards greater things. First introduced to a full service salon at Macy's, she fell in love with color, cut and style for a multi-cultural clientele. That experience provided the foundation for the stylist she is today. It also gave her a thirst for product knowledge and the continuing education that is so necessary to remain on the cutting-edge of the beauty industry. 

Always ready to accept a challenge, Laurrin managed Premiere Salons until they closed then moved on to JCPenney's where her introduction to Farouk Systems was made. With such a solid foundation, she moved to her first independent salon two years later. In a situation where she was solely responsible for her products, her clients and her image. All of the hard work she had put in working two and three jobs was no longer necessary as she was able to pull it all together as a full service stylist.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Laurrin took her craft to the next level by becoming an educator, giving her the opportunity to not only share her knowledge with others; but to constantly increase her own. It was at this point that she also began building her portfolio that is the best example of her passion for her trade. 

Laurrin prides herself most on her client service and the ability to always be an innovator. This is also what she credit to her success; including never being afraid to ask questions. Her impeccable ambition has also flourished through cosmetics artistry.


Laurrin Rockingham is a celestial spirit that began her journey only a few short years ago. She has a passion for people and a gift to help heal and make sense of life. It was through a troublesome time that she came into herself and learning her purpose in life. the energy she radiates allows people to feel comfort in order to fully read a person by their disposition, how they move and things that may be said. When the spirit takes over, this woman says what needs to be acknowledged or confirm what the spirit has told that individual. Laurrin has been given the ability to communicate messages from the deceased. Learning to read tarot, and keeping an open mind to those in need of understanding others as well as themselves. It's no secret when people cry in her presence, it releases the inner you with guidance, love and growth.